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On the Body Burn Blog with our Last Rockstar Mom, Kathryn Borio!

What does the word mother mean to you, and how would you describe your role as a mother?

Unconditional love. My role as a mom is to lead by example for my kids-- I know they are always watching, learning and listening.

What's been your favorite aspect of being a mother? How has it changed as your child/children have grown? Motherhood is the best part of my life. Watching my children try new things, make new friends and experience the world is the most fulfilling part of it all for me.

What traits, habits and little bits of wisdom did you carry on from your mother or mother/parent figure?

There is no mother I admire more than my own. My mom has always instilled in me to "not sweat the small stuff". It is a long road to raise a child and there will be lots of bumps on that road. My mom reminds me all the time to take the good with the bad and enjoy the ride. She has so many great little sayings and words of wisdom but my favorite one at the moment. "It's easy to be kind" We say that on repeat throughout the day at our house.

How do you self-care during those tough mommy moments? What's your top go-to and why?

I realized early on that I cannot pour from an empty cup. Every morning I fill my own cup -- first with actual coffee-- then with some sort of movement. I am up and moving long before my family every morning. The 5:30am GPBB classes are my jam. That time allows me to get a great workout in and still get home in time for a quiet and hot cup of coffee to get my head on straight before my family wakes up.

How do you integrate health and wellness into your life? Your family?

My kids see that exercise is a big part of my life and they are modeling that great behavior in their own lives. We incorporate movement into our family time whenever possible. My son and I recently started jogging together. We also rollerblade together – definitely a sight to see! We take lots of family walks, bike rides and trips on our Stand-up paddle board in summer months.

What is your favorite Lagree move? What changes do you feel /see since starting at Body Burn?

Side leg sweeps! Because you get to lay down… Just kidding. Kind of. My favorite moves change but currently I'm loving the single leg bear because it's incredibly challenging and it is a full body move.

Since starting at Body Burn, I have better posture, no pain and stronger, leaner muscles.

What's your ideal mother's day?! Some sort of yummy brunch at home with a Bloody Mary, and then heading outside in the sunshine with my family to move our body in some way.

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