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Every client must wear grip socks while on the machine. If you don't have any you can buy or rent socks when you arrive at the studio. If you're new, plan to arrive 10 minutes early.


New to Body Burn or want a slightly gentler pace? Body Burn Essentials is perfect for you! Each class will begin with a discussion of the workout and a quick review of the machine. Instructors will aim to create a slower-paced class focused on learning as you go about the workout and about the movements. Even though it will be slower paced, still expect a challenging workout with hands-on cues and corrections.   



Perfect for all fitness levels, All Levels classes will combine cardio, strength training and pilates. Expect new and creative routines each day combined with hands-on informative instruction coupled with upbeat music.



For experienced clients only. Looking to really challenge and push yourself? Hard Body(Burn) is for you. Expect a slightly longer, more intense version of the All Levels class. Hard Body (Burn) will push you to your limit and transform your body.

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